Russian WW2 BM37 82mm Mortar, in good condition, complete wth a correct fuze, nicely marked and dated 1944 making it a late war example. Fully strips. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Channel Islands ONLY 



The M-37 or 82-BM-37 (батальонный миномёт, battalion mortar) is a Soviet 82 millimeter calibre mortar designed by B.I. Szayrin and accepted into service in 1937. The design of the M-37 is based on the earlier French Brandt mle 27/31 mortar with Russian modifications. The main difference between the 82-PM-37 and the earlier 82-PM-36 was the adoption of a round base-plate, revised traverse/elevation controls, simplified sights and spring-loaded shock absorbers on the bi-pod to reduce the amount of relaying needed between shots. The German designation for captured M-37 mortars was 8.2 cm GrW 274/2(r). The M-37M is an improved version with lighter base plate and a device to prevent double loading. It was produced in China by Norinco as the Type 53,[9] in Egypt by the Helwan Machine Tools Company as the Model 69 and in Bulgaria by Arsenal as the M-82 Mod 1937.

WW2 BM37 82mm Mortar

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