Russian WW2 12cm M1938 which was also used by the German army under designation of 12 cm Granatwerfer 378(r). The shell is complete, fully strips and its in good condition.


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During the early phases of Operation Barbarossa the Germans captured large quantities of Soviet hardware including the 120-PM-38 which they designated the 12 cm Granatwerfer 378(r). After being on the receiving end of the 120-PM-38's firepower they adopted it to supplement their own mortars and eventually produced a modified version called the 12 cm Granatwerfer 42. The Granatwerfer 42 was widely issued to German units and often took the place of infantry guns later in the war. The Finnish and Romanians also made use of captured stocks of Soviet weapons and eventually the Romanians also created their own design, the Reșița Model 1942, produced at the Reșița Works with a rate of 80 pieces per month as of October 1942


The 120-PM-38 or M1938 was a 120 mm Soviet mortar that was used in large numbers by the Red Army during World War II. Although a conventional design its combination of light weight, mobility, heavy firepower and range saw its features widely copied by successive generations of mortars

Russian WW2 12cm M1938 (12 cm Granatwerfer 378(r)) Mortar