Russian WW2 122mm Shrapnel Shell for M1910 Cannon, relic in good condition, professionally cleaned and preserved. It comes apart, the fuze sits nicely on the adapter. Recovered in the Polish mountains. 


INERT- F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 





122 mm howitzer M1910 (Russian: 122-мм гаубица обр. 1910 гг.) was a Russian Empire 121.92 mm (4.8 inch) field howitzer used throughout World War I in large numbers.

Following the defeats of the Russo-Japanese War, Russia sought to modernize some of its equipment, which included the purchase of foreign designed artillery. Seeking new systems from both France and Germany, the 122 mm howitzer M1910 was developed by the French arms manufacturer Schneider et Cie.[2] Russia also bought a very similar system from the German arms manufacturer Krupp, the 122 mm howitzer M1909.

Up to 5,900 pieces were later converted by the Soviet Union into the 122 mm howitzer M1910/30, the most numerous divisional howitzer of the RKKA at the outbreak of Great Patriotic War, it saw service throughout the war.


Russian WW2 122mm Shrapnel Shell for M1910 Cannon

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