RARE Russian WW2 152 mm Time Fuzed HE Shell for ISU-152 Tank, these were also used in 152mm howitzers. Overall the shell is in good shape as for a dugup, recovered near berlin, fuze in great shape complete with an original safety cap. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

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The ISU-152 is a Soviet self-propelled gun developed and used during World War II. It was unofficially nicknamed zveroboy (Russian: Зверобой; "beast killer") in response to several large German tanks and guns coming into service, including Tigers and Panthers. Since the ISU-152's gun was mounted in a casemate, aiming it was awkward, and had to be done by repositioning the entire vehicle using the tracks. Therefore, it was used as mobile artillery to support more mobile infantry and armor attacks. It continued service into the 1970s and was used in several campaigns and countries.


The beginnings of the ISU-152 came on January 24, 1943, when the first prototype of the SU-152 was unveiled. This was a fully enclosed 152mm gun-howitzer on the KV-1S tank chassis. It was designated Object 236 (Объект 236). Object 236 was completed in Factory No. 100 in Chelyabinsk, and was tested successfully from January 24 to February 7, 1943. On February 14 the vehicle was adopted and put into production under the KV-14 (КВ-14) designation; in April 1943 the designation was changed to SU-152 (СУ-152).

Although the SU-152 was successful in combat production of the KV-1S tank chassis was ending, which made the modernisation of the vehicle necessary, using the new IS tank chassis.


On May 25, 1943, the administration of Factory No. 100 ordered the modernisation of the SU-152, which included increased armour protection and other improvements. Development began in July 1943, under the supervision of Joseph Yakovlevich Kotin (the chief designer of Soviet heavy tanks) and G. N. Moskvin as the main designer.

RARE Russian WW2 152 mm Time Fuzed HE Shell for ISU-152 Tank

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