RARE Polish WW2 Offensive grenade wz. 33, overall in great condition, the body has the vast majority of the original paint intact, complete with a correct fuze. Stunning not dug example. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 




The granat obronny wz. 33 (Polish for "defensive grenade, mark 33") was a fragmentation grenade used by the Polish Army before and during World War II. The shell casing was molded from cast iron and formed into a pineapple-shaped oval, typical of World War I and II-era hand grenades.

The grenade was modelled after earlier Polish grenades of the 1920s (such as the Defensive grenade wz.24), which in turn were based on French World War I F1 grenade. It was fitted with wz.Gr.31 percussion fuse. To increase reliability, the grenade had two blasting caps and two strikers. The casing was produced in one of three factories, a letter on the casing denoting the producer ("K" for Końskie, "M" for Warsaw and "W" for Wilno).

The Polish name for the grenade was because the blast radius of fragments often exceeded 100 metres and the grenade had to be thrown from a defensive position, such as a trench or from behind a wall. Two such grenades as well as two wz.24 offensive grenades were standard military equipment for all enlisted soldiers.

RARE Polish WW2 Offensive grenade wz. 33


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