RARE Polish Pre-1939 WW2 10cm Haubica Wz.14/19P, the shell case is in good condition, with nice polish proofing marks 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 




Skoda houfnice vz 14 ("Howitzer model 1914") and Skoda houfnice vz 14/19 ("Howitzer model 1914/1919") were 100 mm (3.93-inch) field howitzers made in Czechoslovakia by the Skoda works.


An improved version of the howitzer was created in 1919. The main improvement was a longer barrel offering greater range that which could be mounted in the old howitzer beds.

The improved howitzer was sold to Greece, Hungary, Poland, and Yugoslavia before 1938. Some versions had rubber tires so they could be pulled by trucks but most retained wooden spoked-wheels so they could be pulled by mule teams. The howitzer was also manufactured in Poland in Starachowice as wz.1914/19P howitzer.


Germany captured a large number of Skoda houfnices when they absorbed Czechoslovakia and conquered Poland. They later seized additional guns while fighting in Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Greece. Due to their age, the howitzers were relegated to second-line service and incorporated into defensive lines and fortifications after 1942.

RARE Polish Pre-1939 WW2 10cm Haubica Wz.14/19P

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