RARE OUTSTANDING Russian WW2 57mm APCR (Arrow-Head) AP Projectile for Zis-2. The tungsten core AP head is in great shape, both steel and aluminum ballistic cap are in excellent condition and are not groud dug.  Head is dated 1944


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In the beginning of 1940 the design office of V. G. Grabin received a task from the Artillery Department to develop a powerful anti-tank gun. The head of this department Marshal Kulik and its subordinates estimated that the use of heavily armoured tanks by the USSR in the Winter War would not have gone unnoticed in Nazi Germany and would lead to the development of similar fighting machines there. There is also a chance that the department was influenced by the German propaganda about the experimental multi-turreted "supertank" NbFz, ie. heavier armour was attributed to this vehicle than it actually carried. Therefore, Grabin and his office were guided by the characteristics of their own domestic heavy tank KV-1 with 40–75 mm armour. In the opinion of the designers the optimal calibre in this case was 57 mm. The velocity and mass of the armour-piercing 57 mm projectile allowed it to attain sufficient kinetic energy to penetrate up to 90 mm of armour RHA while keeping the gun sufficiently light, mobile and easy to conceal. However, the decision also had a downside: this calibre was a new one to the Red Army so the manufacturing of the projectile had to be started from scratch.Development started in May 1940 and in the beginning of 1941 the gun was adopted as 57-mm anti-tank gun model 1941 (ZiS-2) (Russian: 57-мм противотанковая пушка образца 1941 года (ЗиС-2)). Production began on 1 June 1941, but on 1 December 1941 it was stopped by Marshals N. N. Voronov and G. L. Govorov, their explanation being that ZiS-2 shells penetrated straight through weakly-armoured German tanks from one side to the other without doing much damage internally.


Other possible reasons for the decision were the high cost of the gun and problems with shell production. By that time 371 pieces had been built.The production lines were switched to manufacturing of the ZiS-3 76.2 mm divisional gun while Soviet anti-tank artillery received cheaper 45 mm guns. Some anti-tank regiments also received the ZiS-3 which was able to defeat any German vehicle until late 1942.Appearance of the heavy Tiger I and then the Panther changed the balance in favour of the Germans. 45 mm guns model 1942 could only pierce the side armour of the Panther while the ZiS-3 managed to penetrate the sides from a greater distance. Against the Tiger the ZiS-3 was effective only from the side at close range (up to 300 m) and 45 mm pieces were nearly helpless. A more powerful gun was needed and on 15 June 1943 the ZiS-2 once again entered service as 57-mm anti-tank gun model 1943. Until 1945 9,645 units were produced.

RARE OUTSTANDING Russian WW2 57mm APCR (Arrow-Head) AP Projectile for Zi