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RARE Italian WW1 65mm HE Projectile for cannone da 65/17 modello 13 Mountain gun. Overall in very good relic condition, recovered from the Glacier of Northen Italy on the Austro-Italian front. Fully strips complete with a correct fuze, unfired.


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 




The cannone da 65/17 modello 13 was an artillery piece developed by Italy for use with its mountain and infantry units. The designation means 65 mm calibre gun, barrel length 17 calibres, which entered service in 1913. The designation is often shortened to cannone da 65/17


The 65 mm gun was first accepted into service with Italian mountain troops in 1913, and it served with them throughout World War I. It was used in the Heavy Tank Fiat 2000which saw action in Libya. Replacements arrived in the 1920s and the gun was transferred to the regular infantry. It was well liked by the infantry due to its minimal weight and high reliability in adverse conditions. Despite its light calibre, it served through World War II with Italian forces as a close support weapon. It was effective also mounted on truck, in North Africa, as anti-tank artillery. Guns captured by the Germans after the Italian defeat were given the designation 6.5 cm GebK 246(i).

RARE Italian WW1 65mm HE Projectile for cannone da 65/17 modello 13 Moun