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RARE German WW1 12cm Kanone C/80 HE Projectile, very rare, the projectile is in dug up condition. It has been professionally cleaned and preserved. The threads are in perfect working condition. The head is unfired. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 




The 12 cm Kanone C/80 was a fortress and siege gun developed after the Franco-Prussian War and used by Germany before and during World War I.


After the Franco-Prussian War, the Army began to study replacements for its 12 cm Kanone C/64 breech loaded cannons. Although Prussian artillery had outclassed their French rivals during the war the breech mechanism they used was weak and there was a tendency for barrels to burst due to premature detonation of shells. In 1873 a new gun which retained the same 120.3 mm (4.74 in) caliber as the previous gun and designated the 12 cm Kanone C/73 was introduced to replace the C/64 but it had poor range so it was quickly replaced. The new gun designated the 12 cm Kanone C/80 was assigned to fortress and siege artillery regiments of the Army.

RARE German WW1 12cm Kanone C/80 HE Projectile