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RARE British WW1 60pdr gas Shell, overall in good relic condition, it has been professionally cleaned and preserved, the fuze can be unscrewed and the threads are in perfect working order, complete with a correct no101 fuze which can be fully stripped. Rare and hard to find. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 




The Ordnance BL 60-pounder was a British 5 inch (127 mm) heavy field gun designed in 1903–05 to provide a new capability that had been partially met by the interim QF 4.7 inch Gun. It was designed for both horse draft and mechanical traction and served throughout the First World War in the main theatres. It remained in service with British and Commonwealth forces in the inter-war period and in frontline service with British and South African batteries until 1942 being superseded by the BL 4.5 inch Medium Gun.

RARE British WW1 60pdr Gas Shell