RARE Austrian WW1 7.5cm Kolben Mortar, in good condition, recovered from Italian mountains, complete with all original parts, these are very hard to find with fins intact. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Channel Islands ONLY 



The 7.5cm Kolben Minenwerfer M.17 is typical of the simple, small, lightweight mortars that virtually all the countries that participated in WW1 experimented with and used during the middle stages of the war. (Notice that the 7.5cm Kolben was not the standard Austro-Hungarian light mortar. If any type should be given that title it should be the 9cm Minenwerfer M.14, which was the mainstay of the mortar squads in the Infantry Regiments Heavy Coys.) It was pretty heavy, though: 128kg emplaced, and could be elevated to a maximum of +85°. It could throw a 6kg heavy grenade some 860 meters (minimum 90 meters). It was aimed sideways by simply moving the whole lavette, and lengthways using a quadrant. The rate of fire was slow.

RARE Austrian WW1 7.5cm Kolben Mortar

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