OUTSTANDING ULTRA RARE Polish WW2 81mm Wz31 Mortar, most of the original paint intatc, complete with a correct polish fuze and an inert detonator. These alsmot never surface on the collectors market as they were made in a small number between 1933 and 1939 and only used by the polish army at the start of the WW2


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Shipping UK and Channel Islands ONLY 




In the mid 20s Polish Army was equiped with British mortars, produced by Stockes Gun Co. Simultaneously Polish engineers and designers worked on own project, based on French 81mm mortar. Finally in 1932 Polish Army began mass production of it's wz. 31 (pattern 31) mortar, intended for both infantry and cavalry. Designed for 3-men crew and firing 3 types of rounds (high-explosive, smoke and incendary) was perfect medium-range support weapon. This kind of equipment was vital for defending positions, especially in rough terrain such as mountains, rivers and swamps. Wz. 31 mortar had impressive rate of fire, thanks to improved construction. Well-trained crew was able to shoot even 20 rounds per minute. In 1939 Polish Army had over 2000 mortars ready for use.

OUTSTANDING ULTRA RARE Polish WW2 81mm Wz31 Mortar

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