MINT MUSEUM QUALITY German WW2 M24 Stick Grenade. Head with all original paint, handle in mint condition, the grenade is complete and comes with an original fuze and pull cord Next to impossible to find such grenades outside of museums. EXTREMELY RARE due to the shape it's in.  


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

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The Stielhandgranate (German for "stick hand grenade") was a German hand grenade distinguished by its wooden handle. It was a standard grenade for the German Empire during World War I, and Nazi Germany's Wehrmacht during World War II. Its distinctive appearance led to it being called a "stick grenade", or "potato masher" in British Army slang, and it remains one of the most easily recognized infantry weapons of the 20th century

MINT MUSEUM QUALITY German WW2 M24 Stick Grenade