MINT German WW2 Sto.Mi.43 Concrete Anti-Perconell Mine, mine the German Stock-Mine 43 consists of a small hollow concrete cylinder, made of weak cement mortar composition containing a shrapnel filling. An explosive charge of about 3.5oz was contained by the concrete cylinder, and the mine was mounted on a stake that was set in the ground. Three different igniters could be used, namely the ZZ 35, the ZZ 42 Pull Igniter and the Zu ZZ 35 Push-Pull Igniter. The mine is 45cm long, with a body diameter of 7.5cm. These were used frequently towards the end of the WW2. 


INERT - CFFE (Certyfied Free From Explosives)

Shipping Worldwide 

Price Per Unit (3 avaliable)


MINT German WW2 Sto.Mi.43 Concrete Anti-Perconell Mine

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