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MINT German WW1 37mm Pom-Pom AP Rounds all complete, nicely dated with WW1 years. ALl fuzes come off. 


INERT - F.F.E (Free From Explosives)

Price Per Unit (3 avaliable)

Shipping UK and Europe ONLY 



Hiram Maxim originally designed the Pom-Pom in the late 1880s as an enlarged version of the Maxim machine gun. Its longer range necessitated exploding projectiles to judge range, which in turn dictated a shell weight of at least 400 grams (0.88 lb), as that was the lightest exploding shell allowed under the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868 and reaffirmed in the Hague Convention of 1899.[7]Early versions were sold under the Maxim-Nordenfelt label, whereas versions in British service (i.e. from 1900) were labelled Vickers, Sons and Maxim (VSM) as Vickers had bought out Maxim-Nordenfelt in 1897. They are all effectively the same gun.


A version was produced in Germany for both Navy and Army.

In World War I, it was used in Europe as an anti-aircraft gun as the Maxim Flak M14. Four guns were used mounted on field carriages in the German South West Africa campaign in 1915, against South African forces

MINT German WW1 37mm Pom-Pom AP Rounds