German WW2 Smine-35 Bouncing Betty Anti Personell Mine, overall in good shape, compleye with all internal shaprnell, fully strips.


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"Bouncing Betty" redirects here. For other uses, see Bouncing Betty (disambiguation). S-mine 35 An American paratrooper demonstrates the process of removing a live S-mine. On the left is a [[Mark I knife|Mark I knife]]Typebouncing anti-personnel minePlace of originGermanyService historyIn service1935–1945Used byGermany, Axis Powers, Finland, Viet CongWarsWorld War II, Winter War, Continuation War, Vietnam WarProduction historyProduced1935–1945No. built1,930,000+VariantsSMi-35, SMi-44SpecificationsMass4.1 kg (9 lb 1 oz)Height127 mm (5 in)Diameter102 mm (4 in)FillingTNTFilling weight182 g (6.4 oz)DetonationmechanismVarious, including:S.Mi.Z 35 (pressure),Z.Z.35 (pull),Z.U.Z.Z. (tension release),E.S.Mi.Z (pressure and electric) The German S-mine (Schrapnellmine, Springmine or Splittermine in German), also known as the "Bouncing Betty" on the Western Front and "frog-mine" on the Eastern Front, is the best-known version of a class of mines known as bounding mines. When triggered, these mines are launched into the air and then detonated at about 1 meter (3 ft) from the ground. The explosion projects a lethal spray of shrapnel in all directions. The S-mine was an anti-personnel mine developed by Germany in the 1930s and used extensively by German forces during World War II. It was designed to be used in open areas against unshielded infantry. Two versions were produced, designated by the year of their first production: the SMi-35 and SMi-44. There are only minor differences between the two models. The S-mine entered production in 1935 and served as a key part of the defensive strategy of the Third Reich. Until production ceased in 1945, Germany produced over 1.93 million S-mines. These mines inflicted heavy casualties and slowed, or even repelled, drives into German-held territory throughout the war. The design was lethal, successful and much imitated

German WW2 Smine-35 Bouncing Betty Anti Personell Mine