British WW1 3Inch Mortar shell, in good condition, fully strips. Made by CAV.


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his article is about the World War I Stokes 3-inch mortar. For the World War II mortar, see Ordnance ML 3 inch mortar. 3 inch Stokes mortar Sir Wilfred Stokes with example of his mortar and bombs. Typical 3-inch bombs used are 2nd and 6th from leftTypeLight mortarPlace of originUnited KingdomService historyUsed by British Empire Belgium French Third Republic Kingdom of Greece Kingdom of Italy Paraguay Netherlands Second Polish Republic Portugal Commonwealth of the Philippines United States Wars World War I World War II Banana Wars Chaco War Production historyDesignerSir Wilfred Stokes KBEDesigned1915SpecificationsMass104 lbs (47.17 kg) total Crew2ShellHE 10 lb 11 oz(4.84 kg) Calibre3.2 in (81 mm)[5]ActionTripElevation45°-75° Rate of fire25 rpm (maximum) 6-8 rpm (sustained)Effective firing range750 yards (686 m)Maximum firing range800 yards (731 m) FillingamatolFilling weight2lb 4 oz (1 kg) The Stokes mortar was a British trench mortar designed by Sir Wilfred Stokes KBE that was issued to the British and U.S. armies, as well as the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps, during the latter half of the First World War. The 3-inch trench mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loading weapon for high angles of fire. Although it is called a 3-inch mortar, its bore is actually 3.2 inches or 81 mm

British WW1 3Inch Mortar